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Welcome to our contact lens ordering page!

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Our patients who have undergone contact lens fittings or regular follow-up evaluations in our office may reorder their contact lenses for home delivery through our website. This service allows for both convenience and accuracy for your contact lens prescription.

A contact lens is considered a medical device and is a prescription item, just like medicines. Your contact lens prescription is valid for one year. Once it expires, you will be required to have an eye exam before more contact lenses will be prescribed or dispensed. This is done for your protection, to insure the health of your eyes. Even when your eyes and contact lenses feel good to you, there can be microscopic problems that may threaten your vision.

Why you should order your contact lenses through our website:

You insure the continued health of your eyes by having your regular eye exam and your contact lenses come from your doctor, who knows you personally and is available to you if you have questions or a problem.

  • Choose from a complete selection of the most popular contact lenses
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast Shipping right to your home
  • Auto home delivery scheduling available
  • Discounts, rebates and free shipping available
  • Returns/exchanges of unopened boxes of contact lenses if your prescription changes

Please call us at (203) 374-8182 to set up an appointment if your prescription has expired or you are having problems with your current lenses. Otherwise please visit our order site to set up an account and/or order your lenses. It is our pleasure to serve all your vision and contact lens needs.

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