Dry Eye

Older man at laptop with dry eye

Dry Eye Syndrome is a common problem, affecting all ages, worsening with age, with certain medical conditions, and affecting women slightly more than men. With increased use of computer screens and many more Zoom meetings, it is starting to affect many younger individuals. Unfortunately, it remains to be one the most under-recognized and under-treated eye problems.

At The Eye Group of Connecticut, we are proud to provide proper diagnosis and systematic therapeutic approach. Sufferers of dry eye syndrome can most often experience considerable improvement. We offer a multitude of treatments for patients with mild, moderate, severe and debilitating dry eye disease:

  • Conservative treatments tailored to patients with milder symptoms
  • Punctal Plugs for all levels of disease
  • Amniotic Membrane Transplant treatments for severe disease
  • Serum Tears for severe disease
  • Recombinant Human Nerve Growth Hormone treatment for severe disease
  • Surgical options for individual patients

Please call our office to schedule your Dry Eye Evaluation, and our doctors will be happy to discuss your treatment options.