At Eye Group of Connecticut, we take pride in providing the latest advances in cataract surgery, with the convenience of out-patient surgery centers and without the need to go to a hospital.

Our surgeons specialize in micro-incision surgery, necessitating only very small incisions and usually no sutures. Through the tiny incision, a microsurgical ultrasonic probe is inserted, which gently fragments the cloudy lens and suctions out the pieces. This process is called “phacoemulsification” and it has truly revolutionized the field of cataract surgery.

Modern-day cataract surgery also involves placement of an intraocular lens implant (or lens replacement). Choosing a proper intraocular lens implant is a very important aspect of successful cataract surgery.

Eye Group of Connecticut,offers a wide array of implants including:

  • Standard Monofocal Implants (traditionally covered by insurance)
  • Toric (Astigmatism-correcting) Implants
  • Multifocal Implants
  • Accommodating Implants
  • Extended Depth of Focus Implants
  • Monovision

Our surgeons have the experience and the expertise to guide patients through proper implant selection. We believe that educating our patients and providing them with personalized treatment plan will yield the most successful results and long-term visual satisfaction.

During your pre-operative consultation, our surgeons will meet with you directly, perform all necessary measurements, and discuss your options.